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Thu, 18.10.2012 17:11
Perfect. :-) The next update should solve it.
Thu, 18.10.2012 15:59
Yes, I was using 4.1, just upd ated to 4.1.2 And I remembe r having GIF problems, so that sounds good :-)
Wed, 17.10.2012 17:09
Maybe I've just found somethin g: "Android supports bitmap files in a three formats: .pn g (preferred), .jpg (acc [...]
Wed, 17.10.2012 17:04
The game looks just fine to me . What device do you use? (and Android version). The only di fference I can see is th [...]
Wed, 17.10.2012 17:01
The one I was talking about wa s the game with ID 5923731, bu t I tried my other Chess game with the same result. Ba [...]
Mon, 15.10.2012 01:03
Interesting. My chess games wo rk fine for me. Can you post t he game ID?
Sun, 14.10.2012 23:08
So nice that this is now on it s way :-) If I open a game o f Chess, I can see the board, the highlighted squares [...]
Sun, 14.10.2012 02:59
I have finally found some time to fix the backgammon dice bu g, so if nothing goes wrong, i t should go live tomorrow. :-)
Fri, 12.10.2012 04:28
OK i have started a game of ea ch gammon with Furby for testi ng purposes (not Anti gammon t hough). I ring up each g [...]
Fri, 12.10.2012 03:36
Yes, i noticed that BUT not on all the gammons. I will have a look again in a while. Some versions, the dice were [...]
Fri, 12.10.2012 01:11
You can post everything here, that would be fine for now. :- ) I've just found out that Ba ckgammon is unplayable b [...]
Thu, 11.10.2012 22:15
Woooohoooooo MadMonkeys there :-) installed and running.... w here do you want any Bugs, Pro blems, Ideas or anything [...]
Thu, 04.10.2012 15:11
Thanks, I think that one techn ology (Android) is enough for now. :-) And I don't plan to u se Flash on BrainKing we [...]
plaintiger about BrainKing for Android
Thu, 04.10.2012 14:33
nice! i'd ask you to write an app for the iPhone, but braink ing works fine in Safari on th e iPhone, as long as one [...]
Mon, 18.04.2011 22:15
I understand the ins and outs of what you are trying to achi eve ;-) Its funny, that t he ones i use all the ti [...]

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